#32 - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Sarah Griffiths


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Elevate Your Life and Soul


"Your mind reacts to the words and images that you feed it. You have absolute control of how any situation turns out for you."Our limiting beliefs can really hold us back, our beliefs start forming as children and reframing them and changing our stories is so crucial.Sarah Griffiths is a Rapid Transformational Therapist.  In October 2010 she nearly committed suicide as childhood bullying had left her full of self-loathing and lacking in confidence.  She was also in a narcissistic marriage but did not know it at the time. Since then she has been on an incredible journey of healing and self-discovery and now works as a trauma and abuse therapist helping others overcome the negative effects of their past just as she has.In this episode, we explore overcoming limiting beliefs and how to do this.Get the full show notes here.