#33 - Shifting our Consciousness with Kerri Hummingbird


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Elevate Your Life and Soul


"We get to keep ascending, we get to keep learning, evolving. And the more that we interact with each other, the more conversations we have, the more perspectives we hear, the more new information comes in. And the more we grow our own consciousness, we elevate our own consciousness and then that's really the fun of it. We get to learn from each other. So there's always more to learn. There's always more to know. That's the fun part."Tuning into our intuition is something we all have access to, in this episode I talk to Kerri Hummingbird about tuning into this and allowing our consciousness to rise.Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide, inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom with her Reinvent Yourself programs for individual and group mentoring. She is the international best-selling author of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama" and the award-winning best-selling book "Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love" which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening. She has served as a social activist, leader, and philanthropist for over three decades. She is the Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement and Host of Soul Nectar Show. Get the full show notes here.