34: Haley Tippmann – Embracing Digital Tools


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Illustration Hour


Sign up for the newsletterGet a free trial of Skillshare PremiumAbout this EpisodeHaley Tippmann (IG; Web; Society6)  is an illustrator based in Koblenz, Germany. who loves to draw people. Haley's signature way of drawing, an observational, organic and extremely expressive style has earned her commissions from clients like the New York Times, the New Yorker, Culture Trip and Vice. While she's always been an avid drawer, Haley's specific style of illustration grew out of her love for the Ipad Pro app Procreate. Now well into her career, Haley has developed a way of working with Procreate that mimics traditional media while leveraging the tools' great capabilities.In this episode, we talk about:Haley's path to becoming an illustratorwhy Haley only draws from her own photographs or directly from observationhow digital tools like Procreate helped Haley to refine her approach to illustrationHaley's pro tips for using Procreate effectivelyhow Haley customizes Procreate's built-in brusheshow Haley picks her colors and tricks for harmonizing colorsHaley's strategies for social media, self-promotion and representationComprehensive Show Notes:Find all the links to books, projects and things we discussed via the link below:Episode Show NotesSupport the ShowThank you for listening to Illustration Hour. As you might know, the show currently doesn't have any sponsors.Each episode takes a tremendous amount of time, effort and some money to produce. I do all of that work myself. So, if you want to support the show, please consider doing one (or all!) of these things:Subscribe to the show's weekly newsletter Art ClubLeave the show a review and rating on Apple PodcastsSign up for a free trial of Skillshare for 2 months of free access using this link (I earn a commission for everyone that signs up and you do not need to pay for Skillshare at the end of your trial). Skillshare is amazing and you'll be able to check out tons of great courses on illustration and design as a thank you.Share the show and the newsletter with others!Thank you for helping me continue to make the show possible.Follow the podcast:Our WebsiteNewsletter AKA Art ClubTwitterInstagramFree ResourcesFollow Julia:WebsiteInstagramBehanceSkillshare