36 - Faerûnian Pantheon: Savras


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Religion in the Realms


This is the twenty-ninth episode in a series about the Faerûnian Pantheon. Savras is the patron deity of divination magic. Savras and his faith reflect upon past and future events as they tell the hard truths about reality and transpiring events. *At around the 37:11 mark I say that a certain player option can be found in the Faiths and Pantheons supplement. I misspoke here. That certain player option can be found in 2e's Powers and Pantheons. Sections: 0:00​​ Introduction 0:38 Titles 1:00​​ Portfolio & Domains 1:16​​ Appearance & Manifestations 3:02​​ Abilities 5:48​​ Personal History 11:07​ Personality 13:02​ Personal Realms 17:28​ Allies & Allegiances 18:18​​ Enemies 18:49​​ Avatar & Deity Stat Blocks 18:59​​ Symbols 19:10​​ Central Dogma 20:25​​ Presence of the Faith in the Realms 23:24​​ Hierarchy & Structure of the Clergy 24:21​​ Responsibilities & Duties of Followers 25:28​​ Orders & Priestly Bodies 27:50​​ Appearance & Dress 28:44​​ Rituals 29:41​​ General Locations of Worship 31:09 Specific & Known Locations of Worship 37:03​​ Character Options 39:14​​ DM Options 51:33​ End Details Twitter: My personal twitter: https://twitter.com/ShivsEmbrace​​ Podcast: https://twitter.com/RealmsReligion​ Email: realmsreligion@gmail.com Invite for the podcast Discord channel: https://discord.gg/FfMMqUA​ Music: "The Watcher" by Ean Grimm (tubersongs.com)