3.8 Sh Abdullah Hasan "Zakat: Wisdom and Benefits"


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Have you ever wondered how Zakat incentivises the circulation of money and alleviate the root causes of poverty? In this episode, Sh. Abdullah Hasan explains the Wisdom and Benefits of correctly implemented Zakat in solving short and long term economic, social and spiritual challenges in our society. Connect with Sh. Abdullah Hasan: https://www.facebook.com/imamabdullahhasan SPRING FOUNDATION: https://spring-foundation.com Don’t forget to rate our podcast *5 stars* wherever you listen to us! Podcast Hosted by Almir Colan - https://www.almircolan.com Links for Telegram channel and social media available at https://www.islamicfinancepodcast.com/pages/connect Almir's Youtube channel available at https://www.youtube.com/almircolan Connect with us: Be part of the conversation and keep in touch with us to find out about new episodes and other content. Web: www.islamicfinancepodcast.com Social media: - YouTube - Facebook (public page) - Facebook (group) - Twitter - Instagram