4 Elements of An Offer | SFJ 041


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Here's something A-MA-ZING that will help you stop competing on price and dominate the marketplace. Yes, most E-commerce stores are focusing on getting that main product to hit and try to scale it solely through paid advertising. That's good, but it's only 25% of the equation. The other 75% consists of converting landing pages, resonating sales messages, and unique irresistible offers. I want to help you increase your prices and stop fighting over pennies! You will get a 7 figure business for sure if I help you break-even at the front end. But how can you increase your prices, you're asking? Well by just simply turning your product into a unique irresistible offer. There are 4 product categories that you can use to create your unique irresistible offer. (P.S. If you didn't know, "free shipping" or "10% off your first purchase" isn't a REAL  offer. Besides that, everybody is using it already...) Let's jump right into the 4 categories; 1. Written Words: These are products that are in a written format. Some examples are: Ebooks Blueprint/Rapport Worksheet Cheat Sheet Checklist 2. Spoken Words: These are products that are formatted in a video or an audio format. Think about these: Video Training Video Interview Audiobook Access Exclusive Content 3. Physical items: Here is where most people tend to focus on when trying to sell their products.                     But there are many ways you can turn something into a physical item; Product Resource Kit (Just look at the what Russel Brunson did with the OFA) Worksheet USB Stick with Content 4. Other things This can be everything you can think of besides the three categories mentioned above.  So let me give you some examples; Free Tickets Access To Private Community (Facebook Groups are currently the most popular ones) Free Coaching Calls Free Apps/Google Extensions Access Even though it seems like a lot of work, it actually is! But you are already sitting on a ton of possible products. You just need to repackage them or put them in another format. Hope you keep selling more and keep making an impact on your audience. Thanks for listening. PS: I know that sales funnel and building a business in today's day & age can be confusing. What platforms should I use, can I build a product, how can I drive traffic? These are the questions I had in my beginning phase as well. But not long ago I joined a challenge where they go through everything you need to know to set up a successful business from scratch. Wanna know more? Go to → www.salesfunneljunkies.com/ofa