4: Oye Lucky Lucky Oye


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Film Feud: Bollywood

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The best "Delhi movie" of all time? Or a weak follow up to Khosla Ka Ghosla? They feud, you decide! On this week's episode, Vikram and Vidur debate Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. They come up with hilarious drinking games for the movie and take turns parodying the songs. Vidur can't stop raving about the direction while Vikram can't get over Abhay Deol's acting. Who do you think won the feud? Let them know who you think won and what points you would have raised during the feud on [facebook](https://www.facebook.com/filmfeudbolly/?ref=br_rs), [instagram](https://www.instagram.com/filmfeudbollywood/) or [twitter](https://twitter.com/filmfeudbolly).