40 Below Adventures on the Trapline


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Roaming Alaska

Society & Culture

In our second episode we discuss getting our trapline out in the midst of our cold snap.  Rachelle shares a little adventure she had, the bruises she received as proof and we talk about what's coming up next for us as we begin looking to the end of winter.  Over the past month we've been working to get our website, www.roamingalaska.com, up and running so our content on the blog and our podcasts have started out slow.  Now that this is behind us we are focusing on getting information out and we are planning to post blogs and podcasts every other week so please be sure to check out and subscribe to our posts with pictures and video on www.roamingalaska.com and subscribe to our podcasts in your favorite podcast app or listen directly from our website.Thank you for listening.-David and Rachelle