403 | The Six Critical Email Templates Every Wedding Photographer Should Be Using


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Creative Rising


For many many years in our business, controlling my email inbox was a battle that I fought nonstop. A full inbox would cause so much stress in my life, that it’s the #1 thing that pulled me away from important work - things like updating my website, getting new clients, and building my brand. Work that truly affects the bottom line of my business. So if email is such a powerful force in your business, how do you keep it under control?In my fourteen years of business, the thing that has been the single most effective weapon in this epic battle against email overwhelm is using EMAIL TEMPLATES.In this episode, I'm sharing the six critical email templates that every wedding photographer should use and why.These six email templates are the ones that not only free up the most time in our business, but they also help us grow our business and make more money.Check out this episode to find out what they are!GET OUR THREE FREE EMAIL TEMPLATES HERE:https://theyoungrens.com/photographers/free-resources/top-3-email-templates/Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Get our Full Set of 42 Email Templates in our ShopCR107: Four Things We Do That Turn Our Inquiries into BookingsTAVENEXT STEPS:JOIN OUR FREE CREATIVE RISING COMMUNITYhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/339344669485595/GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR THE THRIVE BUSINESS INTENSIVE:https://theyoungrens.com/thrive/LEAVE A REVIEW:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/creative-rising/id1464017907Reviews are how we get found! If you're binging these episodes, then share the love!! Leave a review on iTunes so that other amazing photographers like you can find us, too.