406 | Demystifying Post-Wedding Album Sales with Makayla Jade


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As a wedding or portrait photographer, its indisputable that selling physical products such as albums, wall art, and prints will not only serve your clients better but dramatically increase your revenue.But selling physical products can feel complicated, sleazy and just plain overwhelming. In fact, you might be thinking:What if I'm not good at sales?Can my clients afford beautiful albums & prints?I don't have a beautiful studio for sales sessions...My business is new - how do I even get started?Whatever objection or uneasiness you're experiencing with post-wedding sales and selling physical products, Makayla Jade of The Harris Company and The Printographers Society has felt it, too. She began her photography business as a brand new mom selling wall art out of her apartment living room (think: Cheerios in the couch cushions!), and has grown into a thriving, high-end photo + video studio generating multiple six figures in print sales alone - all by focusing their brand experience on albums and physical products.In this episode, Makayla shares her story of learning how to sell physical heirlooms like wedding albums, and walks through all of the objections photographers typically feel when it comes to selling products beyond just the digital files. If you're feeling nervous about selling albums, she'll answer:The key communication touchpoints that need to occur with your couples for successful salesHow to handle the digital files in order to make your clients happy but also sell beautiful heirloomsHow to educate your couples on the value of physical products so they'll always want what you have to offerThe exact steps to take to begin selling albums and physical products to your clientsIf post-wedding sales or selling albums feels overwhelming to you, this deep-dive episode is going to demystify the whole process!GET MAKAYLA'S FREE EMAIL TEMPLATES FOR BETTER SALES:https://www.printographerssociety.com/email-templatesCHECK OUT THE PRINTOGRAPHERS SOCIETYhttps://www.printographerssociety.com/NEXT STEPS:JOIN OUR FREE CREATIVE RISING COMMUNITYhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/339344669485595/WANT BETTER CLIENTS? TAKE THIS CLASS:https://dreamieclass.comLEAVE A REVIEW:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/creative-rising/id1464017907Reviews are how we get found! If you're binging these episodes, then share the love!! Leave a review on iTunes so that other amazing photographers like you can find us, too.