#41 Barry Brown: Work as a pathway of transformation


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ENLIVEN, with Andrew Skotzko

Society & Culture

Barry Brown helps leaders be more of who they are and be more effective in making their unique contribution to the world.-----Follow the MTTM journey on Twitter or LinkedIn!If you haven't already, would you do me a favor and take ~40 seconds to rate/review the show on Apple Podcasts? It really helps. (Scroll to bottom of page for rate/review links.)Links & resources mentionedBarry BrownLinkedInBarry's company: Human EthosBooksAndrew's must-read book listThe Wisdom of No Escape - Pema ChodronWhy We Make Things and Why It MattersThe Craftsman - Richard SennettSo Good They Can't Ignore YouOther resources mentionedSingularity UniversityWoodstock, VermontLarry BrilliantPeter DiamandisDavid RobertsTransformative Technology Conference