#42 ARM: A mental model for fulfilling work


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ENLIVEN, with Andrew Skotzko

Society & Culture

The ARM model is a mental model to help you intentionally craft a more fulfilling job and career.-----Follow the MTTM journey on Twitter or LinkedIn!If you haven't already, would you do me a favor and take ~40 seconds to rate/review the show on Apple Podcasts? It really helps. (Scroll to bottom of page for rate/review links.)Links & resources mentionedVIA Character strengths surveyAndrew's original Tweetstorm on ARM model (expanded version of these ideas)Saeed Khan's "3 things in a job" model responseRelated episodes:#11 Rian Doris & Conor Murphy: Flow — Cultivating the optimal experience of life#24 Laura Garnett: Find your zone of genius and never fear a job search againBooks and other resourcesBrené Brown - values listSo Good They Can't Ignore YouDesigning Your LifeThe Infinite GameJob craftingWhat Job Crafting Looks Like - HBRJob Crafting - Univ of Michigan80,000 Hours Guide: A guide to using your career to help solve the world’s most pressing problemsUncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential