#43 Courtney Bigony: Life above neutral and Positive Product Design


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ENLIVEN, with Andrew Skotzko

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Courtney Bigony is on a mission to align tech products with the latest science of human thriving.  She's the creator of Positive Product Design and the Director of People Science at 15Five. -----Follow the MTTM journey on Twitter or LinkedIn!If you haven't already, would you do me a favor and take ~40 seconds to rate/review the show on Apple Podcasts? It really helps. (Scroll to bottom of page for rate/review links.)Links & resources mentionedCourtney Bigony - Twitter, LinkedInPositive Product Design15FiveBest Self ManagementPeople & orgsMartin SeligmanCenter for Humane TechnologyTristan HarrisScott Barry KaufmanRelated episodes#9 Amy Edmondson: Building teams where people feel safe#26 David Dylan Thomas: Understand cognitive bias to create positive impact in your work#35 Dianne Frommelt: Building products to help people become their best selves#42 ARM: A mental model for fulfilling workBooksTranscendFlourishDesigning Your LifeNonviolent CommunicationPermission to FeelThe Upside of Your Dark SideSmall GiantsThe Great Game of BusinessHookedIndistractableSay Goodnight to InsomniaOther resources mentionedVIA character strengths testBrené Brown value sheetPositive psychologyMeliorismHigh quality connections - Jane DuttonTugboat InstituteTim Ferriss - past year reviewFeed forward interviewChilliPadSchool of Transformation - feelings chartVirtual distancePERMAPerceived proximityGallup strengthsMood Meter (emotions tracking app, from Permission to Feel book)The Social Dilemma (documentary)AsanaDiana Chapman - Conscious Leadership GroupDeep Feedback Movement