#47 From the Ground Up with Ragini Das, Co – Founder, Leap.club


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Ragini joins me in this candid conversation to talk about how she alongside her co-founder Anand Sinha decided to start a professional network for women and what their journey has been so far. 

Ragini Das, Co-founder, leap.club, is a woman on a real mission of more women in leadership roles. Her vision and drive has led her to curate and create an exceptional platform that aids in efficient professional networking for women. With the aim to bridge the long seen disparity between men and women in the workplace, her remarkable skills in building and expanding brands has been key in accelerating leap.club towards its mission. Ragini’s proficiency in scaling business operations & managing people can be owed to her sound upbringing across the country and her time at Zomato, which served as an unwavering foundation to her rising career and strong leadership skills. It comes as no surprise that Ragini has also been recognised as ‘Top Emerging Voice 2021’ by Linkedin. 

About leap.club:leap.club is a community-led professional network for women that aims to bridge the gender inequality gap in the workplace by enabling its members to connect with new people and build a solid network through social and professional interactions.