#61 Mentorship, Inclusion, and Self-Advocacy with Saakshi Terway


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Design Voice Podcast


Saakshi Terway is a Designer at Wiencek + Associates in Washington DC. She is especially interested  in responsible and sustainable architecture that has a social impact on local and global communities, and seeks to produce work that allows architecture and design to become a tool in empowering communities. In this episode, we talk about job search advice for recent grads, finding a mentor (and why you need multiple mentors), figuring out what you want to do, and advocating for yourself. Saakshi also talks about the challenges and biases many immigrants face in the AEC profession, and why speaking out and sharing your story is so important. -- We want to hear from you! Please send your feedback to hello@designvoicepodcast.com and follow the show on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/designvoicepodcast.