67: Joel Godett - The creator of T1d Takedown


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Type1lifting Podcast


Welcome to the Type1lifting podcast. This episode is sponsored by Liberte Lifestyle. Save some coin by typing the promo code TYPE1 at checkout. https://libertelifestyles.com In this episode I talk to Joel Godett who is the creator of the T1d Takedown and broadcaster for the CrossFit games. In this episode we talk about * How he started CrossFit * When he got diagnosed with diabetes * How he started the T1d Takedown * How he started doing broadcasting and what was it like sitting next to Dave Castro during the Brazilian regionals * What he has plans for the T1d Takedown You can I’lle always check out Type1lifting by going to www.type1lifting.com Instagram @type1lifting Twitter @type1lifting Facebook Type1lifting Tik Tok @Type1lifting Thank you for listening and enjoy the show.