#72 Future of Work Part 3


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This episode is the final installment of a 3-part special on the Future of Work. Once again, I was accompanied by Tim Walmsley of BenchOn,  Damian Walsh of Sidekicker and Justin Falk of TalentVine.   We discuss   How Benchon helps to bridge the peaks and troughs in business   How TalentVine allows businesses to leverage the time and cost of recruiters to fill positions quickly and efficiently   How Sidekicker helps connect future employees in the Hospitality, office support and warehousing industries    The effects of flexible work arrangements on job applications and finances and the responsibility of society and governments   The role and responsibilities government has in legislating change   Which types of businesses that are going to last in the future   What responsibilities universities have in educating the next generation     Micro-credentialing and how to stay ahead of the development curve and to future proof yourself   The power and challenges of internships for both graduates and businesses    The new way of getting skilled up and the skills that should be invested in the future   Closing thoughts on the Future of Work   Be sure to follow me on Instagram @aidanvoc Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, or anywhere else you listen to your podcasts. You can find this episode plus all the previous episode here. If you haven't already, please rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts!