8: Founding UK Supreme Court President, The Rt. Hon. The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers KG PC


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Spieling The Beans


Recorded in 2015, my guest this week is the founding President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and the former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, The Right Honourable The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers. This episode examines the difference in the Supreme Courts and constitutions of the UK and the US, whether he’d ever considered a political career, media itself acting as a lobbyist, and his almost eerily prescient visions of the repercussions of the then-upcoming 2015 General Election. You’ll also hear the story of how the interview itself, recorded when I was 18 and featuring my nervous teenage voice, actually came to be. (Interview expertly recorded by Giovanni Conte, Anjana Stephens and Anna Pledger, and co-produced by Ed Lawrence and Joe Nerssessian.)