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Greetings greetings one and all my name is Jason Davis said this is Empower Volusia common sense, I'm coming to you from an undisclosed location hidden in the upper Western Highlands of Volusia County Floridain a iron bunker hermetically sealed for my protection, and we are guarded by two rabid Pomeranians, and one crazy cat.You may be listening to me right now on Facebook, youtube, twitter, rumble GAB, Wimkin, Mewe and parler.I am truly everywhere you want to beWell here in the old iron bunker we have been havinf interenet problems, like no service since nov 3, yeah, I feel as though they have bee trying to stop my ist amendmen right, but I have found a way to up load, it is really slow, but I will keep on getting you the truth.{rumble}So today's date is November 16th 2020, and the election for President of the United States, continues on.This has been the most contested presidential election in American history.And why has it been so contested?The answer is, because the numbers kind of don't add up.Let me premise this with a statement that I remember I was told in college when I took political science classes.The statement is this, 50% of the population of the United States of America is registered to vote. And 50% of that actually do vote.I have actually watched polls and elections and such, and I have found out that for the most part that is true, with a few points here or there during a truly contested or heated election. But for the most part it's true.The actual fact is that 25% of the population of the United States, take it upon themselves to vote and decide who the elected representatives senators and leader of this country are. It's been that way since the beginning.Now let's get to this election cycle. And I do know it was a very heated election, I saw the Trump rallies with the thousands of people across the country going to these things and all the different states. And I saw the 50-60 maybe a hundred people going to a Joe Biden rally.I am not here to question their campaign strategies no no no. I do question the validity of this election though, because well like I said numbers are just not adding up in my poor little pea brainSo let's talk about some numbers.{ make my day}First things first, the 2010 census let us know that there's a little over 331 million people in America. That's according to the 2010 census now, because of 2020 census has not been published, and I don't even think they really got through it.As a matter of fact as the covid-19 fear-mongers jumped up and down, I never saw a census taker anywhere. And during the 2010 I saw a whole bunch of them. So there we go with that folks.So the most reliable number we have at this moment is 331 million Americans in the country.Now if we hold true to the political science statement that I read earlier about fifty-fifty, then / 151 million Americans have voted, and simple math dictates if you multiply that times four, there are 560 Americans in the United States.As you see that just doesn't jive. So I read another little bit of information that said this was the highest level of Voters we've ever had. They said 65% of the voters voted.So let's work with that number. Sticking somewhat with the statement from political science courses, 331 million / 2 gives you a whopping total of 165.5 million people. And if you take 65% of that it gives you 107.575.So what I see is a discrepancy here also. So I decided to take another number. Let's take the number of 331 million and find out 65% of that is 215.15 million peopleAnd if you take that 215.15 million people and take 65% of that, you come up with a hundred and forty million people, rounded up a little bit there.Still not quite there.So according to the math, around 46% of the entire population voted. Really, from a country that usually only has about 25-30 percent. Interesting, but I still find it hard to believe.By the way I find it really interesting that Joe Biden wants to be the 46th President of the United States. Just pointing out a coincidence.So what the lame stream media, and the Democratic party wants you to believe is that more people registered to vote this year, and were actually voting in masses greater that the years for Obama. I don’t think so.{ Stupid}According to released poll number from the Federal Department of election,114 million people voted in the 2018 midterm election. Just a little tidbit of information that you may not have, which is 34% of the population.That means that, well, once again over some 30 to 40 million people would have had to register to vote since the midterm elections. Once again I find this a little difficult to believe.Now there's a couple other numbers and I kind of played around with these numbers, first things first there's over 6.1 million convicted felons, there's half a million homeless people in the United States, there is 1 million people that are in hospitals that are unable to vote because of ailment, and there's one point five million people in nursing homes who don't generally vote.That takes 9.1 mill out of the equation, leaving 321.9 viable voting citizens which changes the math a little, but it is still 46%My political science teacher told me that people that are generally in nursing homes and over the age of 70 are generally looking to atone to a higher power so that's why they don't vote.But regardless of those facts it's still states in the numbers that 30 to 40 million people registered to vote in two years since the 2018 election to vote for president.Interesting numbers. But now let's add in a little bit of statistical analysis.{ Be afraid}Did you know that after the votes stopped counting on that Tuesday night November 3rd 2020, that all of a sudden there was an uptick in Joe Biden votes at right around 2:43 in the morning. All of a sudden 139900 vote miraculously showed up in the column for Joe Biden in Michigan through the back door. Which just put him over the threshold of Donald J Trump.That happening once is an anomaly. But it also happened in Wisconsin, which makes it an improbability, and then it happened in Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Now that makes that very suspect for voter fraud.{Biden comment on fraud}And it is truly amazing that in all of these instances the uptick of votes for Joe Biden were just enough to get him over the threshold with a mathematical analysis to keep him between 1 and 2% over Donald Trump. Remember over 1% you do not get an automatic recount.But apparently their math was not so good and they're having recounts in Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Georgia, oh and by the way the same thing happened in Georgia with the uptick in Biden counts.Now we have some people with big brains in the world, and they started asking why did this happen?And they started to look a little bit into the Dominion software that runs voting machines.And then they did what his back Trace IP addresses, which means you follow the electronic Trail back to where the command was given to do the deed of stealing an election by up taking votes or deleting votes. I'll explain the deleting votes in a minute.With the back tracing of the IP address, and backtrace to a server in Barcelona Spain. Which according to reports, both nationally and internationally, this building was raided by the US military under the direction of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the server has been confiscated and is being looked at and into, gone over with a fine toothed cyber comb, and they are going to find out who gave the order.For you see this computer is linked to Dominion software for elections, through a subsidiary, or back door business.{truth}In the Arizona this software also had another little fun thing to do, it took actually 10,000 votes away from Donald Trump. Took them away, the graph of votes cast done by the brain statistic gurus at Princeton University, showed Donald Trump rising in the vote and then boom he lost 10,000 vote. Now my question is how do you lose ten thousand votes that are already cast?In case you've been living under a rock the past two weeks, which sometimes I wish I was, you are well aware of the lawsuits filed, the evidence being accumulated by state attorneys, attorney generals and a lawyers for the president, and they are questioning the validity of the election, and this as I said has been the most contested election in my entire life. And to be honest with you I thought the campaigns were over on the night of November 3rd.So that's the news and updates there on that, but here we go one other question I have, is why are the members of the Biden campaign not interested in supporting the president of the United States in this quest to see whether or not the election what's the stolen? Tampered with? Or why it might even be invalid?{ dnt start nothing}One would think that anybody in any political party that may have some sort of Authority or power in politics, would be really interested to know whether or not our election process can be hacked and distorted and thrown to put opposing candidate. They were all about it when it was Russia Russia Russia, but now that I might be domestic domestic domestic, they're not so interested in knowing who's at fault.If it was me, and it was me at one time, if there was a question as to a vote, or some sort of chicanery going on behind the scenes whether it was for or against me, I would want to know. The reason I would like to know is because if it's swings things in my direction, then I'm going to be looked at as being the guilty party trying to sway or steal the election.So if the Biden Camp is not going to look into this, assist in any way shape or form, or the Democrats in general are just going to fight the president and the Republican to tooth and Nail, that kind of starts pointing a finger in the direction of the Democrats that you don't want to