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Common Sense


Greetings my friend, I am for going my normal opening, because the state of this Union is in a total disaster, and I need to get right to it.On December 11th, 2020, the Supreme Court of the United States refused, and I say refused, to hear the case illegal voting, and the breaking of laws within the states for our elections.As you may know, Texas, filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court alleging that the state of Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania and Georgia violated their own state laws, which disenfranchised All American votes.They cited quite a few cases, to include the Supreme Courts own ruling in the year 2000 with bush vs Gore. The Supreme Court rule it to be a violation of equal protection under the law for all the voters to be counted equally, And in the same manner. I have been listening to these hearings within all of these states, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona as well as Nevada.And each and every one of these hearings, the state legislators sitting on their committee have stated that yes there election laws are broken. So there is no question in anyone's mind that the state legislators have said their laws were not followed.It was even stated that Secretary of State in Georgia made a deal with the Democrats for special election compensation shall we say, with the Democratic heads. Entering into an agreement with out the legislative bodies ruling in is a violation of the state of Georgia’s own Constitution. There was testimony in all of these states saying that the poll workers were not trained appropriately to do their job. That poll observers were not allowed within 25 feet in some cases, all the way down to 6 feet from observing the ballots as they were being counted.Videos of people running piles of ballots through tabulation machines several times. There is a video out of Georgia showing the removal of the Hidden ballots from out under a table, and counted after everybody was told they were done counting for the night. There been several statistical analysis made on this election, using certain mathematical formulas that show where fraud has occurred. They used this in this elections and in the states in question, and found that yes this happened in the state!There is so much evidence thousands of affidavits, sworn to and signed under the penalty of perjury.Let me just say this about all of that, if this was a murder trial, a shoplifting trial, or any other kind of criminal action, we would be in court today. And every shred of that evidence would be used as evidence against you.Sounds like a 2 tear system of justice to me.There are rules for the political Elite, Democrats, the Liberals, and there is a separate set of rules for conservatives Republicans and those of us who are law-abiding citizensI'm sorry to say but the trust in the American government, and in our future elections has been greatly diminished.How can one go to the polls and cast our vote for our Congressman senator president, local council member County chair, and have the confidence your vote is going to the person that you are voting for. This past election of 2020 has been a disaster from Jump Street, when the Democratic party actually suggested that we do mass mail out voting.During that time the Republicans, conservatives stood up and said no no no that will be rocked with fraud. The president of theUnited States stated that this is a plan to defraud our election system and nullify it.Gee, I guess they were both right.Now let me be perfectly clear. I'm not saying this because Donald Trump lost. I am saying this because of the way he lost.Republicans and conservatives would accept a loss if it was fair and legal, but when you have hundreds of thousands of votes showing up in the middle of the night, in the back of panel Vans, garbage cans and cardboard boxes coming in through the backdoor of essential polling places and being counted as if they were directly from the supervisor of elections office, that's illegal.I have sat on canvassing boards, and election boards. I know the process that is to be taken when the elections happen. And these states have committed the most heinous of crimes by invalidating their votes.The entire process of Elections it's supposed to be transparent, in the open-air where everybody can see it, and available readily for review.Shame on those individuals in the states I'm Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia for committing such a heinous crime.Another courios issue, in Michigan, Wayne county, 71% of their votes cannot be recounted, because the ballots in the bins do not equal the count of votes cast.There needs to be a forensic audit of those votes.And all of those States at one time, in the middle of the night all counting was stopped. It was notified everybody and everybody was told to go home, most of the poll workers, poll watchers and even the local media outlets. Yet the just kept counting.Then the balance came in. From out of nowhere Joe biden jumped in the vote count, just enough to stop a mandatory recount, but enough to not raise too many questions, or so they thought.All of these ballots just were “found”, From where no one knows, and even some people said that the there was only one little bubble filled in on some of them, and it looked like a computer did it.And lo and behold, in the morning when ballot counting resumed, Joe Biden had an uptick of over a hundred thousand votes in each of these states. Now it's not the whole state that's the problem, just certain highly populated cities.This exact same scenario that we have discussed already, and the ceasing of counting and then all of a sudden the great uptick in hundreds of thousands of votes for Joe Biden, happened in literally only 10 cities in these Six States. The city's that are liberally run, and with very high populations.One place having a stop Count and uptick in ballots by the hundreds of thousands is an Anomaly. 2 is a little coincidental but 10, that is a planned attack on our democracy.So the Supreme Court of the United States has denied the Texas lawsuit. But fear not my friend, state of Wisconsin their Supreme Court is going to hear the case.See this is the big problem, every time one of these cases is filed in one of these states, a liberal judge says there's nothing here. The question is how do you know there's nothing there when you have not heard the evidence. How can you say there's no case there when you won't even talk to the attorneys.The United States Constitution guarantees the American citizens a right to trial. And we are asking for our right to a trial.For you see this is not just an attack on our electoral process. This is an attack all our constitution, are Rights, and the way of life that we have all become accustomed to for the past 240 plus years.If the American people do not have faith in our electoral process, you have in Essence destroyed the United States Constitution, and our democracy. The Republic cannot stand without a fair and open election.Then there are people that think that they won this election by these illegal means. These are such extreme liberal people. They've already stated they are going to take away your second amendment rights. As a matter of fact, Harris was just played on a video today saying I'm coming for your guns. Joe Biden said yes I'm taking all of your assault weapon. Every weapon is an assault weapon by the way.And already Facebook, Google and YouTube are censoring, attacking your first amendment rights, by not allowing you to post your thoughts on this election, or on the court case. As a matter of fact you may not be able to get this particular podcast on Facebook Google or YouTube any longer.There shall be no political conversation, or videos allowed on Facebook or YouTube any longer. It does not meet up with their community standards, that is what the socialist when they do not want a narrative that does not meet up with their comtrol.It is time for me to take Facebook Google and YouTube off my computer. I shall not stand for the suppression of our speech.I served in the military for over 14 years, and I fought in Wars around this world to defend our way of life, defend our government, defend our constitution, and to protect my friends and family that are in the United States.I as an American Veteran, find this entire situation a slap in the face to All American veterans.We fought for what's right. We traveled to countries We left our loved ones at home for years at a time, not knowing if you were going to come home. And this is how you treat us, this is how the liberal left says thank you? By attacking our democracy?There is a remedy though. Though it may be far-fetched, a stretch if you will.In all of these hearings that I've heard, it's been asked by the legislator, what can we do?What can you do? Really?