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Common Sense


Greetings one at all , I am the computer voice known ad T-112 , and I am coming to you from an undisclosed location, hidden in a laptop somewhere in the western highlands of Volusia County Florida, hermetically sealed for our protection and I am guarded by 2 rabid Pomeranians in one crazy cat.Todays date is the 5th of february, 2021. You cannot get this on YouTube or Twitter or anywhere else any longer, so you are getting this via email. And I encourage you to send it to all of your friends oh, so that we can get some of this information out there.This is the basis of the canceled culture. Or they cancel anybody that does not meet up with their predetermined narratives. And I do not prescribed to their narrative.This started way back, on November 4th 2020. When so many people stood up and said hey wait a minute this is not right.There is something wrong with this election!And then of course all the brouhaha began, with Rudy Giuliani going to state legislators and pointing out the errors of their ways. And a majority of them agreed with him.Now the problem with the government is it takes forever to get anything done. So of course as they drag their feet along at a very slow snail's pace, the mainstream media took that as all of the evidence was debunked.And then they started screaming that it's been heard in 67 different courts across the country.Those are two of the greatest lies that have been perpetrated upon the American people in the past 6 months. There has been no court case where the evidence has been presented in the United States.The Supreme Court of the United States even said this was a procedural issue, and they would not hear it because it was filed under the wrong article of the Constitution.And time slowly drags on.So here we are now February 5th, 2021, and to be quite honest with you the controversy of the election of 2020 has still not been resolved.Hiding your head in the sand, and denying the fact that it was a problem, is not fixing the problem. According to the Constitution of the United States, you know that little funny pile of papers that nobody ever reads in Washington DC, there's this thing called due process.Now due process means that if you have a disagreement and bring it before court, there is a process to hear the case. It does not belong to a judge and his opinion whether or not there is evidence in a case. I've called an evidentiary hearing that they're supposed to have.And then the case should be going before the courts with a jury, with defense arguments, with prosecutorial arguments, and then let the jury decide.That's due process folks. And due process has been denied in every single case of voter fraud in the United States.I don't know about you, but if I was one of those Democrats up there in Congress or somewhere in the United States, I would want to hear the evidence. I would want to find out if there was voter fraud because this will affect elections far into the future.Yet, they do not want to hear it.And why do they not want to hear it?They do not want to hear it because they may actually get caught interfering with the elections.When I opened up this podcast this morning I wasn't going to talk about all of this, but it's very relevant to the Future conversation that we're about to have.So several years ago, there was a guy who Rose to power in a foreign country  and when he rose to power he'd started to bring out  basically his own private little army for re-educating the people of his country.He immediately began to destroy the history of his country. Books were removed and laid in huge piles and lit a blaze.Any book that did not support his narrative for his nation was destroyed.Basically he destroyed history.And then he brought forth his little army again, and anyone oh, and I do mean anyone, that spoke out against his regime that he was bringing forth was immediately discredited, arrested, sent to re-education camps, and eventually killed.He was actually nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize too. What you may find very interesting in a moment.And it was in a very few short years, that he took over the country, and imprisoned people who spoke out against his ways. Because it was very simple, either was his way or the highway.And the highway generally led to the Gallows.You may know who I speak of, for you see history is truly starting to repeat itself.Who was it that said, that, if you do not learn from history you are destined to repeat it to?We are truly about to find out if that statement is true.Because just like the person I talked about a moment ago, Adolf Hitler, our government representatives in Washington DC are heading down a dark and Dusty Trail of fascism.What they are calling the canceled culture, is actually the beginning of fascism.The definition of fascism is a system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.I hope you caught all of that. This is what our government is becoming.We are in the beginning as they attempt to destroy history buy some people saying that things like the Holocaust never happened.In our new capitalistic government,, there are strict and stringent rules being placed upon the American citizens. Mask mandates, open borders, short tracks for illegal immigrants to become citizens of the United States, and thousands of rules and regulations implemented to  our society of free trade among the American people.I need to add in here at this moment ladies and gentlemen, that executive orders, signed by the president of the United States, are not laws. They are policies that are signed into effect, to dictate what the executive branch of government does. They're just rules for all the bureaucracies.These are just policy rules, they cannot overwrite any existing law. I will say that one more time. They cannot overwrite any existing law.They also cannot violate any of the provisions of the Constitution.It is written right in the first articles of the Constitution that the Constitution of the United States of America is the law of the land. There is no gray area here.And for mr. Biden to sit there and write executive order after executive order after executive order on Infinity mod nauseam, last I heard there were 48 of them, they do not have any, any power over the citizens of this country.Now he did sign one executive order that does affect everybody. You must wear a mask in all federal buildings.Why must I wear a mask in a federal building?All of the great scientists who are looking at this covid-19, have stated, that masks are not the answer. The World Health Organization has admitted this. The head of the covid-19 response team Dr. Fauci has said this on several occasions.Now Dr. Fauci is saying you need to wear two masks.He is being a hypocrite.And just yesterday in the hallowed Halls of Congress, the Democrats have sanctioned, silenced, and removed from all committees, representative Green of Georgia.Basically this is the silencing of all the voices that she represents in Georgia. Which is also another step in fascism. Where if you don't agree with their narrative, or what they say oh, you shall be removed and it eliminated from the process.All because they say she is a conspiracy theorist?What a bunch of hypocrites.What about all of the conspiracies that they threw at the president of the United States Donald J Trump? Russian collusion, Russian interference, the Ukraine telephone call, and now the greatest conspiracy theories that they want to throw out him is the voter fraud conspiracy.The mainstream media and all of the Congress are trying to shut Donald J Trump down. And the funny thing is it's not succeeding.The latest on constitutional action by the House of Representatives, and the United States Senate is the fake impeachment process which will start on February 9th 2021.Every single constitutional scholar that has weighed in on this issue, as stated that you cannot impeach a private citizen.So with that statement made, I am being led to believe that the Democrats actually know that Donald J Trump won the last election. Just by their actions.You can only impeach a president, vice president or governmental official. That's in the Constitution.So if you were going to impeach President Donald J Trump, then you must honestly believe that he is the president of the United States of America.DigressingWiz Facebook Twitter Youtube Google and all of these other social media platforms silencing the free speech of the American citizen, which is a violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution, fascism is in full mode at this moment.It is not a very large step to go from being a fascist government, to being a socialist government.Everything I've talked for the past few moments, are all leading to a socialist United States.The spending of excessive money for the new green deal, somewhere in the neighborhood of a 120 trillion dollars, is just another step in the Socialist workings of the federal government.Forcing you to buy things you have no interest in buying, like an electric car, windmills, solar panels, whatever it is they so damn that is going to be the green source of energy. And they don't work to the effect that they want them to work.I have looked at the benefits, and the downfalls of all of these forms of energy. The only constant form of energy that they are talking about is hydroelectric. But even that takes petroleum-based products to keep the gears moving.Windmills only work when the wind is blowing. Plus they are also very dangerous because as they spin around these several ton windmill blades can come loose. They can hit flocks of birds, and the amount of petroleum products used to lubricate those systems and keep them moving with hydraulic oil is it quite ex