84: How To Tap Into Your Natural MAGNETISM


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About That Life with India Vine


Ready to manifest with complete ease and certainty?! In this episode I cover: The difference between manifestation & magnetism. Tapping into the quantum field. Whats radically shifted things in my favour over the past year. Collapsing time & Quantum leaping. What gets in the way of our desires. & Heaps of next level codes to shift how you're manifesting! Hope you love this juicy episode queens!   MAGNETICALLY ALIGNED: My brand new signature program is here! A 10 week journey to embody your magnetism, become a master manifestor and unlock a new level of confidence, clarity, alignment and connection with yourself, so that you can move from where you are now, into where you know you’re meant to be. Starts: Saturday OCTOBER 23rd! GET ALL THE INFO: https://india-vine.mykajabi.com/magnetically-aligned Come find me in the DMs on Instagram if you have any questions!