88 {ENCORE} Inanna's Descent + Kimberly Ann Johnson


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Personal Mythmaking with Janelle Hardy (formerly the Wild Elixir Podcast)

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Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner, educator, author of Call of the Wild and The Fourth Trimester, and a solo parent. She helps women heal trauma, awaken their power and feel at home in their bodies to start living life on their own terms. Enjoy our ramble through Inanna's Descent as well as her relationship with her body and creativity. Connect with Kimberly: kimberlyannjohnson.com Learn more about her book, Call of the Wild (and read the first chapter for free!): Connect with Kimberly: kimberlyannjohnson.com/call-of-the-wild Connect with Janelle: www.janellehardy.com