97: What to Do When it Doesn’t Work 


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Empowering Women in Real Estate - The Podcast with Karen Cooper


Do you have elements of your business or marketing (or life!) that aren’t working for you … or aren’t working for you anymore?   When I think back over the past 19 years of my career there are many different marketing strategies and things that I tried and stopped, either because they ran their course, or just weren’t working.   On today’s episode of Empowering Women in Real Estate - The Podcast, I’ll be sharing with you some real life examples from my business, as well as my strategies for what to do.   Listen in on iTunes or your favorite podcast app, or click the link below to listen on our website.   Thank you for listening! Click subscribe to be notified every Wednesday when our latest episode is released, and be sure to check out our group on Facebook. We are close to 30,000 members strong and we want you to join us!