A Brief Pause


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Hello everyone. Will from ComposerCast here. Just wanted to give a quick update on the podcast. It’s currently on pause. It’s not stopped or cancelled but I’m just taking a break away from it. I have a baby arriving in January which is part of the reason of pausing the podcast. I also realised I was spreading myself a bit thin with the day job, music, podcast and tech startups. So I’ve decided to concentrate my efforts on music in the evenings and weekends and give myself a bit more free time to prepare for the new arrival in the family. Thank you to everyone who’s listened and to all the guests who have appeared on the show. I’m using Anchor as the hosting platform now which means I can record and publish little snippets like this directly on my phone. I’m currently standing in the new studio at the end of the garden. You might hear it’s a bit echoey right now because all it has in it are bikes and an elliptical machine. But hopefully we’ll be up and running again next year with some new episodes from the new studio. In the meantime, I’ll be creating more music so I’d love if you followed me online. I’m @willhelliwell on Instagram, @willhelliwell1 on Twitter and willhelliwell.com on the web. Thank you again for listening and I’ll see you all soon!