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Day 5 – Honoring God by Joy “Sometimes it may seem as though God does not react to evil, as if he is silent. And yet God has spoken. He has replied, and his answer is the cross of Christ: a word that is love, mercy, forgiveness.” With spiritual joy, one gives greater honor and glory to God, manifesting with deeds that he thinks well of God and is content in His service and with His treatment. With persistent unhappiness, by contrast, one dishonors God, slights God by one's deeds and manifests that he thinks poorly of God. …If it is such a horrible thing to demean one’s neighbor, what then will it be to demean God? A sad servant dishonors his master, but a joyful and content servant honors him. For that reason we want to give to others a great idea of God our Father in order to give Him the glory that is His due. We want to serve Him with joy and delight, and not with sadness and against our will. We esteem, we appreciate, we magnify His gifts. We pray by hoping in Him, and we glorify Him again, as a God absolutely good, merciful, generous, and faithful. Let those be sad who serve tyrants, such as the world, the flesh, and the devil. ”Speak about God with all, however, in a way that is worthy of Him. It is in accordance with the counsel of the Holy Spirit: Think of God in a spirit of goodness (Wisdom 1:1).” The post A Novena in Honor of Ven. Bruno Lanteri Day 5 – Discerning Hearts podcast appeared first on Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts.