AAA 530: Summer 2020 Anime Selections


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The Anime Addicts launch their Twitch Channel. Follow us at The Anime Addicts take you through the full lineup of anime from Summer 2020 and reveal our selections for the podcast! Then, we get a little hungry watching people eat so much dragon meat in the Netflix anime, Kuutei Dragons! Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to over 600 additional AAA Podcast episodes only at: You can also join our Discord Channel at: Time Markers: -Big News of the Week: 10:30 -Live Big in Japan: 19:20 -News Break 1: 31:10 -Mandi's Manga Minute: 39:45 -Mason's Anime Arguments: 44:30 -Main Topic: Summer 2020 Lineup: 50:40 -News Break 2: 1:41:40 -Itunes Review: 1:48:10 -Mailbags: 1:49:15 -Review: Kuutei Dragons: 1:54:30