AAA 538: Pinch Off a Mega Deuce


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Anime Addicts Anonymous

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The Anime Addicts launch their Twitch Channel. Follow us at The Anime Addicts all bring something to the table in this round of "Bring Your Own Topic"; Our Most Anticipated Upcoming Anime, The State of Pay for Animators, and more! The Addicts also dip into a blast from the past with a review of The Big O! Our Podcast is now running without a sponsor and we need our Addicts more than ever. Please support the podcast over at: You'll get access to hundreds of exclusive Hobby Addicts, Hentai Episodes and After Parties, and our gratitude. You can also join our Discord Channel at: Time Markers: -Big News of the Week: 10:40 -The Good, The Bad, and the Moe: 25:00 -Live Big in Japan: 36:40 -News Break 1: 45:40 -Mandi's Manga Minute: 53:50 -Unexplored Pictures: 57:45 -Main Topic: Bring Your Own Topic: 1:02:00 -News Break 2: 1:41:50 -Itunes Review: 1:47:50 -Mailbags: 1:48:50 -Revew: The Big O: 1:57:00