Addressing Denver's Off-Season: Retaining Grant, Building Backcourt Size & Entertaining Expectations


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Rainbow Skyline: A Show About The Denver Nuggets


What are Denver's top off-season priorities coming off the heels of a Western Conference Finals appearance? Dave and Kendra analyze team needs and who is worth retaining, like Jerami Grant (1:30). Will Paul Millsap return and if so, it would have to be at a less expense rate...right (3:30)? For all his incredible defensive showings in the bubble, Gary Harris is remains an undersized wing defender. What can the Nuggets do to improve their backcourt depth, particularly as it relates to defense (6:45)? Could Tim Connelly and Calvin Booth make a big splash free agent signing and/or trade during this downtime (12:45)? Are versatile scorers like Bradley Beal and Kelly Oubre obtainable? What would it cost to land difference maker that could catapult this team into NBA Finals contention? Follow Kendra on Twitter: @kendra_andrews Follow Dave on Twitter: @DaveDuFourNBA Join The Athletic for just $1 a month. Visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit