Afghanistan and How You Can Help feat. Arash Azizzada


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This week, Nate speaks with Afghan-American community organizer Arash Azizzada (@87films) about his group Afghans for a Better Tomorrow (@afghanstomorrow, @afghansforabettertomorrow on IG), the work they’re doing to advocate for safe passage for Afghans, ways in which the US government could make it easier for people seeking refuge, and what he wishes Americans knew about our country’s involvement in Afghanistan (which massively predates 9/11). You can read Arash’s recent op-ed from the New York Times here: And sign the petition to lift refugee caps here: For this week’s bonus, the Zoo Crew convenes to discuss Armenia, what being a tank crewman entails, Shocks' stories of nearly dying theatrically on a Coast Guard ship, and Joe accidentally calling a drill sergeant 'dad' because he was that used to getting screamed at. Get it on Patreon here: *SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* We now have a storefront to sell the patches, buttons, and magnets that we also give out as flair for our $10 tier. Buy some sweet gear here: We have a YouTube channel now -- subscribe here and get sweet videos from us in which we yell in our cars like true veterans: You can follow the show on Twitter here: @HellOfAWay Follow Nate here: @inthesedeserts Follow Francis here: @ArmyStrang