Afternoon Pancakes Episode 3 Part 1


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Stampede Blue: for Indianapolis Colts fans


Happy Sunday, Colts fans! This is a special episode of Afternoon Pancakes. I have a football story to tell and since my wife and I already have a couple of podcasts under our belt, I figure she could sit down with me and let me tell my story. This may not interest you. This is my story about my coaching experience, but more important a story about real people that live and work in your communities all over Indiana. I'll also talk about the Colts, but until there's film/photo to yap about, everything else is blind prognostication, something I try to stay away from (unless it's during the season). You can follow us on Twitter. Stampede Blue @StampedeBlue, follow this podcast @PodPancake and you can follow Taylor @taymicmal and myself @likelyalien. Please give this podcast a 5 star rating to help new people find us! Peace and love! Please get vaccinated. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit