AGP 2.43 - NFC West Coaching Tendencies


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0:00 Carl Nassib Comes Out5:00 Burrow and Chase ...and Higgins....and Boyd???11:00 Steelers Release Veteran G David Decastro12:30 Pats vs Bucs 202116:30 Tom Brady & Hypocrisy19:00 Josh Gordon Files For Reinstatement...AGAIN20:30 Alternate Helmets Coming 202226:00 Tamorrion Terry...Arrested on Murder Charges29:00 Dan Snyder Fined 10 M31:00 NFC WEST COACHING TENDENCIESThanks as always to Side Hustle for providing our intro music, you can find out more about them at or on Instagram @sidehustletheband Don't forget to follow us on all social media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) at @anygivenpod & make sure to give @WillieBeamanDFF & ‬@JoshGoldbergAGP a follow on TwitterMake sure you give our other podcast Dynasty Underdog (@DynastyUnderdog), which we co-host with @JustUriahFF, a listen and followPlease Subscribe, Like, Review & Let us know what content you would like to hear in the future!Season 3 of Any Given Pod starts when NFL training camps kick-off