Amanita Music Part 2


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This is part 2 of our talk about Amanita Design and the beautiful games they create. We go in-depth looking at the music and sound design of the Amanita worlds.Check out the Amanita Design documentary: to Floex talk about the music and sound of Samorost 3: the podcast? You can now support us on Patreon! We've got different monthly rewards for you to enjoy including custom ringtones and super sweet shout-outs on the podcast.Keep up to date and follow @ComposerCast on Twitter. Our DMs are always open.Follow Will on Twitter @willhelliwell1.Listen to the ComposerCast playlist on Spotify containing a mix of all the music we've talked about on our podcast.Want to be a guest on the podcast or have a topic you think we should discuss? Send us an email to