An Asian refugee’s road to success – Ram Gidoomal in Spotlight with Sandhya | Episode 68


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His family was torn from its home in Sindh by the partition of India, and a few years later, they were thrown out of their adoptive homeland in Kenya. Ram Gidoomal CBE, a British Asian refugee who went from riches to rags and back to riches, shares his life-changing decision after visiting the Dharavi slum in Mumbai.

He shifted his focus from business to improve the lives of those at the bottom of society. Ram's experience in India led him and his wife to give up their luxurious lifestyle and use their finances to help people in poverty. They raised £5 million over seven years with the help of 50,000 teenagers across Britain. Ram, a successful businessman and entrepreneur, shares his experiences of interacting with different cultures and using business skills to make a positive impact. He emphasizes raising awareness, building bridges between communities, and taking action to bring about positive change.

Ram Gidoomal discusses the importance of building trust and relationships in achieving goals, both personally and professionally. For Ram, writing books is another avenue for addressing social issues such as gender discrimination within the Asian community. He narrates his life choices in his memoir ‘My Silk Road’. He tells Sandhya Mendonca, “It’s an account of how we walk our chosen path, finding peace, compassion, and belonging along the way.

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