Anniversary Gifts, Coin Shortages and Special Guest Jessica Steele


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Budgeting Redefined


Today we’re talking about giving away water (then buying it back), the coin shortage, the price of dollhouses, and anniversaries. We’ll also be talking with Jessica Steele from The Steele Maiden and her philosophies about budgeting. Jessica Steele grew up in small town Pennsylvania before pursuing a degree in Fashion Design and moving to New York City in 2009. With a full-time career in the fashion industry, Jessica founded The Steele Maiden in 2012 while on a brief New York-hiatus (let’s call Los Angeles a fling). Along with her partner Adam, behind the camera and the scenes, she created the website to be a place which inspires readers to create fashionable adventures throughout their own cities and beyond. Talking Points: Why’d You Buy That? Dan’s anniversary gift Budgeting for a wedding Toiletry Kits and gift giving Anniversary trips Emergency… water and toilet paper? The national coin shortage Selling used toys Jessica Steele’s budgeting tips and blog Jessica’s background in fashion How she got started with her budget The shift in money-mindset How she budgets Credit card debts Savings Goals Blogging in the chaos of 2020 Shame versus empowerment with money management Personal finance education Resources/Links: Weekly Budgeting App The Steele Maiden blog Instagram: @thesteelemaiden