AQ (Adaptability Quotient), Self-Awareness and Curiosity: How To Adapt and Move Forward Into the Future with Nancy Giordano


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Agile Living, An Entrepreneurs Journey


How do you prepare yourself or your business for the future? With the advancement in technologies today, it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. So how do you keep up? Find out the answers on today’s episode as Jon interviews Nancy Giordano, a strategic futurist, speaker and founder of Play Big Inc. It is a company that helps businesses define and shape their future. They delve into the topics of AQ (Adaptability Quotient), self-awareness and curiosity and how these factors help us adapt to the future and prepares us for success in this dynamic and unpredictable world that we live in.   “When you asked me about the one thing that we need to cultivate in kids, it's curiosity and wonder.” -Nancy Giordano Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcast Stitcher Castbox PodBean TuneIn Radio   Timestamps: 00:59 - Background on Play Big Inc. and how it help companies define and shape their future  03:35 - What is AQ (Adaptability Quotient) and how it can help us in this fast-changing, dynamic world 08:21 - Proper mindset to be productive and innovative and why unlearning is the harder part of adapting 11:58 - The importance of self-awareness and mindfulness to adaptability quotient 16:10 - Collaborating and learning how to learn with others 19:38 - Benefits of having employees with self-awareness plus tips on how to build self-awareness 27:07 - Why it’s important to cultivate curiosity and why some employers are not supportive of it 29:48 - The important role of the environment and the people around us to our curiosity and success 31:40 - Removing the fear of technology and having the ability to manage it   Resources: Agility CMS Play Big Inc. Amin Toufani Tedx Myers Briggs Strengths Finder Enneagram Jacqueline Novogratz Agile Living Episode 1 - The Overlooked Power of Curiosity with TedX Speaker Cameron Brown   Connect with Nancy: LinkedIn Twitter   Connect with Jon: Facebook LinkedIn