Are You Ready To Be A Wealthy Woman?


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In Her Financial Shoes Podcast


We are officially back after a ‘dark’ summer on the podcast! Regular listeners will notice that we are back with a brand new introduction to the podcast, and this week Catherine talks a little about some of the phrasing in the new introduction. One of the sentences that Catherine decided to use is “Are you ready to be a wealthy woman?”, and today she talks about the word wealthy and what that can bring up for lots of us.   In this episode: Why most women do not believe that they can actually be wealthy What happened when Catherine asked people (and Google!) what it looks like to be a wealthy woman Catherine’s own wealth journey and experiences Common blocks that come up when we think about the word wealth Catherine’s 10 tips for what a wealthy woman really looks like   Resources: Register for Catherine’s FREE Financial Coaching Masterclass Join The Money Circle Join Catherine’s Facebook Page and FREE Facebook Group My Online Courses – Investing for beginners from £1 Catherine’s YouTube Channel  Connect with Catherine on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook