Artist Nick Zav joins for the quarantine special


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Relatively Speaking Podcast


Everyone is bored. So were we. The Relatively Speaking Podcast, once again, is back with a random edition of the show. In this episode, musician Nick Zav joins the show to talk about everything under the sun, including his music. Other topics: What is everyone doing during this debacle? YouTube is dominating Nick and Joe's lives. Best Sports Movies Ever... with MULTIPLE Ed O'Neil references.  So much more. It's all over the place, kids. Listen to Nick's music on Spotify or Apple. His music is all that and a bag of chips. Some might even dare say it's the cat's meow. The GOAT is on Twitter here.  Support Joe and Jared by following them on the mean streets of twitter @JMintzHoops and @JosephNardone. For real, jokes aside, be safe.