ASOIAF 2: A Clash Of Kings, Chapters 34 & 35


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Unspoiled! A Song Of Ice And Fire


Thank you to Jeff for being our sponsor on this episode! Don't forget to show your support by checking out Everything Is Awesome, The War For The Tower, and Shattered Worlds RPG You can also watch the livestream on Twitch here! illustration of Jon finding Dragonglass with Sam is byTemrak, you can see more of their work here! chapters are Jon and Bran, and not a whole lot of forward movement happens on the plot, but there's a palpable sense of dread that hangs over everything and it's excruciating. Credit to MetroGnome for the theme song, you can download it free and listen here! If you'd like to join our Discord and get in on some of the convo, check it out here! Non-patrons welcome!