ASOIAF 2: Clash Of Kings- Chapters 20 & 21


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Unspoiled! A Song Of Ice And Fire


Thank you to Jeff for being our sponsor on this episode! Don't forget to show your support by checking out Everything Is Awesome, The War For The Tower, and Shattered Worlds RPG illustration of Jojen and Meera is by Enife and you can get a better look here! These chapters are Tyrion and Bran, and we get intros to the next story arcs they will embark on, in a way. Tyrion goes to inspect the wildfire, and finds out that they can make far more of it than he had anticipated, and that there's an even more volatile batch buried deep underground as well as underwater. Bran, meanwhile, hosts a feast and the Reed siblings come to swear fealty with different words than he has yet heard. Thank you so much for listening, and I will see you soon with a new episode!If you'd like to join our Discord and get in on some of the convo, check it out here! Non-patrons welcome! Credit to MetroGnome for the theme song, you can download it free and listen here!