143: ATP AI: Justin Wang – Using AI to Predict the Future with Scry


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Asia Tech Podcast: Artificial Intelligence Show


Podcast highlights: How can we use AI to power prediction? Prediction is an extremely valuable skill but it's also very fuzzy. How do you quantify and code a skill that may involve thousands or millions of fuzzy algorithms? How can you apply AI powered prediction modelling to world events or market movements? Podcast notes: We place too much faith in experts, especially when it come to predicting the future. Experts, of course, failed to predict key world events like the Trump election, Brexit and so on. Justin Wang wants to change that. Scry is an AI powered startup that helps predictors connect with people who want the predictions. There's a whole market out there for these services. Traders can make billions by being right only 51% of the time. Businesses can lose billions by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Scry is a bold attempt at helping us all be on the right side of the future.