Sports Betting Radio Podcast - July 8, 2021


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Host Adam Burke was back in the home office and back on the headset mic for today’s edition of The Bettor’s Box. Adam took a look at the overall landscape in MLB since the first memo about the substance crackdown and noted a few really interesting things and the reason why offense has jumped a bit. He also took a look at offenses that have had a lot of recent success, including two notable teams that have been topics of conversation a lot on the show. Adam then looked for some positive and negative regression candidates by keying in on high-velocity contact and the results on those batted balls. He found four pitchers to fade and three pitchers to back based on those numbers and some guys to keep in mind as we move forward throughout the season. After a look at line movements and a discussion of tonight’s card, Adam previewed four series for the week ahead. Listen for his thoughts on Royals vs. Indians, Reds vs. Brewers, Nationals vs. Giants, and Blue Jays vs. Rays.