B2DF #35: Finding your SELF...


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Born to Die Free

Religion & Spirituality

...in a sea of desire. You ARE the Revolution. OPENING POEM: Though the wind may blow Through all I know All alone til I let go And on the breeze to skies unknown Bigger than me if I Trust the flow These clouds are filled with rain & thunder I know her pain I won't fall under She fills my heart with an understanding Spill some blood as my heart's expanding Loneliness is my own disease Awakening as I ride the breeze To You https://www.instagram.com/p/BJCq-NrgRCZ/?taken-by=thebeauticon Music: the BEAUTIFUL conspiracy Intro: Born to Die FREE (PropaTingz Sixth Bardo RMX) Outtro: Alone www.thebeautifulconspiracy.com Photo: Blair Robb www.blairrobb.com