Bad Education, Come And See, A Bronx Tale & More! | Gabbing About Movies | Episode 18


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Hello and welcome to episode 18 of Gabbing About Movies, where your hosts Antonio (@HeavyEvil) and Jonas (@jonlie95) try to pretend they know what they are doing when it comes to talking movies. This episode, we got two guests: Aaron and Spencer, both lads we worked with during film school on a variety of projects. 3:30: Our Work Together/Film During COVID8:45: What's To Come Today12:31: A Bronx Tale34:23: Angel Heart38:08: The Leprechaun series47:36: The Raid 21:05:00: Come and See1:25:29: Lost in Translation1:32:54: Normal People1:36:20: REC1:39:51: The Platform1:43:54: A Prophet1:55:17: Antonio discovers the short film: My Wife Is Retarded, he did watch it btw. 1:59:42: Bad Trip2:04:42: Little Woman2:05:42: Watchmen2:12:25: Bad Education2:16:23: Promare2:20:17: Y Tu Mamá También2:25:32: Cosmos2:32:32: List Of The Month - Best De Niro Movies For next episode, Jonas has American Movie while Antonio has The Truman Show. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to listen to us, sorry for the sound issues on Aaron's audio, he had some issues and I did what I could to fix it. What ya gonna do. This stuff happens sometimes. Anyways, have a nice day