BAMS looks in the mirror after Aggie upset


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Well. That wasn't fun. The Alabama Crimson Tide went on the road and were upset in a stunning turn of events down in College Station. The film should be ritually burned by the entire team because everyone could have played better, even the players who had the best games against the Aggies. The lack of proper preparation, and doing the little things right in the week leading up the game, finally came together with a listless effort to get Bama upset. Alabama is now at a crossroads. The team either circles the wagons, starts doing the little things correctly and reaches what is still an absurdly high ceiling for a college football team, or everything fractures and the Aggie game was a preview of things to come. We discuss where everything went sideways against the Aggies, offer some clarity on WHY some of the decisions may have been made by everyone involved, and look ahead to Mississippi State on this episode of BAMSRadio. Join Drew DeArmond, William "Redfish" Barger and Thomas Watts for another episode of BAMS!