Batman: No Man's Land - Episode 3


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Batman: No Man's Land


90 days of No Man's Land, and the citizens of what used to be Gotham City are slowly adapting to their harsh new way of life. No one has seen hide nor hair of Batman, but someone has begun to put up Bat Tags across the NML. Whispers of a Caped Crusader helping those in need are beginning to spread, but if he really were back, why hasn't he contacted those closest to him?Batman - No Man's Land - Episode 3Download (12:09, 22.4 MB, released 2009.11.02)Featured in the cast were: Pat McCarthy as PaoloAmby Leigh as BatgirlTamTu Bui as Andy DeFillipisR James as Commissioner GordonCassandra Morgan as Sarah EssenRyan H. Nelson as Harvey BullockDylan Nagel as Bill PettitJared J. Lee as Hugh FoleyLiana Walsh as Renee MontoyaThis is a production of Darker Projects.