Batman: No Man's Land - Episode 6


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Batman: No Man's Land


It's official, Batman is back. But with Gotham having fallen so far in his absence, will Batman be able to return order to a lawless land?Batman - No Man's Land - Episode 6Download (21:28, 14.9 MB, released 2010.05.17)Featured in the cast were: Laura Post as OracleR. James as Commissioner GordonCassandra Morgan as Sarah EssenRyan H. Nelson as Harvey BullockJared J. Lee as Hugh FoleyKevin Lee as LoBoyDylan Nagel as Bill PettitChris Williams as Two FaceAmby Leigh as BatgirlMichael Storey as Brian DonnelyFernando Gil as Black Mask's VictimCody Coleman as BatmanLaura Post, Lucien Dodge, and TamTu Bui as The Black Mask CultThis is a production of Darker Projects.