Be a Routine Ritualist to Create Success Habits | Flourish with Diane Planidin | Episode 110 | Positive Inspiration |


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Do you have a Routine? Is it serving you or are you feeling overwhelmed? Diane shares some tips and ideas on how developing your own schedule according to your needs, is the key to creating habits that lead to a better life. It's a new season and the perfect time to recalibrate your schedule and systems. Surround yourself with reminders, triggers and processes in order to stay focused. Diane mentions Twyla Tharp's one habit that she did each day as her trigger, her ritual to ensure she reached her goals. Rituals = Habit building "You may wonder which came first: the skill or the hard work. But that's a moot point. The Zen master cleans his own studio. So should you." Twyla Tharp "It's all about creating your environment." Diane Planidin "A lot of habitually creative people have preparation rituals linked to the setting in which they choose to start their day. By putting themselves into that environment, they start their creative day." Twyla Tharp. "Routine needs a nest to build upon." Diane Planidin Watch on YouTube Episodes with more information on Habits & Time: How to Manage your Time: How to Program your Robot (Your own CPU) Master the Mini Break: Live an Inspired Life!   #Routine #Habits #Flourish #TwylaTharp #PositiveInspiration