Bedside Teaching. "Can I fluff up that pillow for you?"


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Episode Title: Bedside Teaching. "Can I fluff up that pillow for you?"

Hosts: Dr. Anthony Llewellyn and Dr. Andrew Vanlint


Welcome to MedEd Help, where we delve into the world of medical education in our latest episode, "Bedside Teaching. Can I fluff up that pillow for you?" In this insightful discussion, Dr. Anthony Llewellyn and Dr. Andrew Van Lint explore the essential aspects of bedside teaching in a medical setting, shedding light on the nuances and ethics involved in this critical practice.

Join us as we uncover the importance of keeping group sizes at the bedside ideal, the value of involving students and trainees in clinical activities, and the impact of technology on traditional bedside teaching. Through their experiences and insights, our hosts emphasize creating a safe learning environment, the role of patient feedback, and the significance of specific and timely feedback in guiding learners toward continuous improvement.

Whether you're a clinical educator, a medical student, or a healthcare professional, this episode is packed with valuable tips and best practices to enhance your approach to bedside teaching and foster a supportive and engaging learning environment.

So, tune in and join the conversation as we explore the vital role of bedside teaching in medical education.


00:00 Reflecting on bedside teaching experiences as a learner.

05:09 Applying theoretical knowledge to real world experiences.

08:41 Overview, goals, feedback: keys to effective teaching.

10:13 Improving feedback process by inviting group involvement.

14:57 Feedback on patient communication improves preparation for procedures.

17:44 Challenges aligning teaching with patient availability.

22:32 Engaging group activity to interpret clinical signs.

25:53 Transition to electronic records causes errors for doctors.

27:59 Challenges in modern doctor duties and teaching.

30:19 Encouraging podcast subscription and positive discussion summary.