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You see an advertisement promoting a ‘lifetime free Credit Card’, and you wonder what the catch is. Are Credit Cards free? If they are, why do banks take the trouble of issuing them?

Whether you pay anything for your Credit Cards or not depends on how you use the Credit Card? In fact, if you use it prudently and smartly, a Credit Card can help you reap many benefits such as rewards, cash backs and discounts.

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Explore the best lifetime free credit cards in India. Find, compare and apply for credit cards with no annual charges. Choose the card based on your needs and enjoy reward points, cashback, sign-up bonus, and much more.

Here are some of the best Free lifetime credit cards in India:

RBL Bank SaveMax Credit Card has benefits in Credit Advisory Report, reward points

HSBC Visa Platinum Card has benefits in Dining, Shopping, Fuel

IndusInd Bank Platinum Card has benefits in Travel, Golf, Entertainment, Fuel

YES Prosperity Edge has benefits in Online and International spends

Kotak Fortune Gold Credit Card has benefits in High cash limit, Fuel, Movie tickets

YES Prosperity Reward Plus Card has benefits in Online shopping, international usage

If lifetime free Credit Cards come without charges, how do banks earn money from the service? A major portion of Credit Card revenue for banks comes from merchant fees – when you buy a product using a Credit Card, a percentage of its value goes to the card-issuing bank.

So, yes, a Credit Card can be free if you use it smartly.